Friday, November 5, 2010

all we need is just a little patience...

So… let me begin by saying that I have been putting off starting a blog for a very very long time. But, today, with a puppy in my lap, nothing on tv, and an annotated bibliography to work on, I have become inspired.

This isn’t my first rodeo, as far as blogging goes, because ten years ago (wow I feel really old) I started a blog (though that word didn’t exist yet) at I kept that diary through my junior year of college and then randomly decided to delete it—not sure why.

At any rate, I am of the opinion that the first entry is the hardest. Should I introduce myself? What should I say? How much information do you need? Should I go straight into venting about life or school or whatever is irking me at the moment? Should I write something clever and engaging? (I guess this gives you a bit of an idea of how my mind works)

Since I am an extremely random person, I am going to be random and just write. Stream-of-consciousness—gotta love it.

My name is Amber, except my mother liked Patience so she put it first. I am a soon-to-be twenty-five year old mother of a soon-to-be 4 month old miniature dachshund named Harley. I am engaged & will probably (hopefully) write about wedding planning, since we’re getting married on April 30. I am originally from Alabama (roll tide), but moved to North Carolina, then South Carolina, for the fiancé (Rob). I am a former sorority girl and a current graduate student (will be getting the Master’s next month. Woot Woot!!). I have two best friends, whom I never see, because one lives in Alabama and the other lives in Ohio and is sketchy (I love you, but you are). I have two tattoos dedication to my lifelong obsession—Nirvana: ‘in flore’ on my left hip (means ‘in bloom’, like the song) and a pink heart on my right foot (for heart shaped box).

[Random tidbit: I really want to get another tattoo but I’m not sure where to put it, as I want it to be fairly hidden (like my current ones) and I want it to say my favorite Nirvana lyric, the lyric that pretty much sums up all that I am: ‘oh well. whatever. nevermind.’ (last verse in Smells like Teen Spirit). Ok, I’ll step off my Nirvana/Kurt Cobain soap-box now.)

The current bane of my existence: being unemployed. I serendipitously ran across the most amazing job EVER two years ago, working as a community college transfer advisor with the National College Advising Corps (google it. It’s kind of a big deal J). I was really good at my job and helped a lot of students, but, unfortunately, it was a grant funded position that only lasted two years. I could have squeaked out another year, but I moved to be with Rob. So, I went from being completely happy (lack of a better word) with my career, but miserable in my relationship (because LDRs suck) to being completely happy (again, lack of a better word) with my relationship, but miserable with my career. I have applied for countless jobs and no one will hire me and it is very frustrating. I am GOOD at what I do. I am passionate about working with college students. I am a month away from having a MA in Higher Education Administration. Why can’t I get a flipping job!? (Ok that’s a rant for another day)

I’m not sure what else to say about myself… I suppose if I keep blogging and you keep reading, then you will get a fairly good idea of my personality, views, and disposition, so I won’t bore you now by rambling on about myself. And, while I’m sure a good part of this blog will involve my musings (or rants) on life, but I don’t want it to be all about me—I want to make a contribution to the blogosphere. I love blogs. I read dozens of them, trying to glean as much information about life, love, and other things (like being organized, because that I am not), and I want to do that for someone else. I want this diary to resonate for that 20-something girl/woman (insert corny, cliché Britney Spears song) who, like me, is in the throes of an existential quarter-life crisis. But, as I mentioned, be prepared for rants/bitching/musings about the boy, the wedding, the job, the puppy, the family, the friends, and life, in general.

I look forward to starting this literary (blog-erary?) journey with you.

[Note: I love music and quotes, so I plan on carrying over a tradition from my OpenDiary, in that I open and close each entry with a quote or lyrics. I have a tendency to heavily relate my life and who I am to quotes and lyrics. Yeah, I’m that girl. ]

How poor are they that have not patience!
What wound did ever heal but by degrees?

[William Shakespeare, Othello]


  1. Hi Patience! I love that name btw, so beautiful. How are you? Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment, it truly means a lot and I am really touched that I made an impact- even if it's a minute dent in your life. You have made one in my life as well, and that's what I want everyone to realize, that no matter how long you know someone, everyone has the ability to make a lasting impact on someone else. To be the voice of reason and the shoulder to cry on. I think if each person just took the time to appreciate one another and love one another, the world would be much better. I am glad you started a blog! Hope to read more of your posts and congrats on the engagement!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I'm your first follower! Even if I am sketchy. ;)

  3. Yay for blogging! When are you going to call with wedding details???